Foreseeing Concepts

We Seer Inklers have revolutionised the way how we fellow humans handle and work with real time problems, issues and jobs. We have leveraged Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to simulate the models and the process that do not exist in the current environment. We foresee the practical difficulties and conceptualise workable virtual models and process in an unimaginable world of practical experience.
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The Future is immersive
Virtual Reality & Augumented Reality

Hailing as the next big step in computing, Virtual Reality is gaining its feet in the digital world very quickly compared to previous years,espically after the VR-Headsets becoming easily accessible and affordable for the society. While the gaming industry and the household entertainment industries are accelerating its developments with the most advanced VR games and VR movie experience,the professional sectors are also looking for some potentially advanced VR application to stay ahead in the current competetive market.

Augumented Reality is the most innovative method of interacting with 3D objects in the real world, but the components are basically developed on the basics of perpectual information from the computer language. From social media filters, to surgical procedures, AR is rapidly growing in popularity because it brings elements of the virtual world, into our real world, thus enhancing the things we see, hear, and feel. When compared to other reality technologies, augmented reality lies in the middle of the mixed reality spectrum; between the real world and the virtual world.

Reduced Operational Cost

Being able to recreate any real life scenarios, it is possible to train the people with visualy interactable and portable applications at a very low operational cost.

Learning at Own Pace

Learning is gathering knowladge, but this differs to indudivals. Applications being accessible anywhere, anytime, people can learn and gather knowledge at their own pace.

Train Practically

The work force can get an opportunity to get trained and get experienced with complex situations and finding its appropriate solutions pratically in the virtual world.

About Seer Inkling Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Seer Inkling Technologies provides various Virtual Reality & Augumented Reality solutions as per the clients requirement.

Engineering Applications

With high quality 3D models any interactable engineering applications can be recreated and trained.

Transportational Application

By developing high quality models and 360' video,user can be equiped by exposing them to all possible risks and its mitigations, in an interactable manner virtually.

Educational Application

Interactable practical learning material for students, helps them to learn and explore new things, at their own pace.

Architectural Application

A very dynamic,interactable walkthrough applications are developed for the architectural industry to help their customers to visualization their project in real scale.

Safety Training Application

With the safety training application, the new employees can be made to experience the real time risky situation, and training them with appropriate mitigations and to-do procedures.

Marketing Material

With the dynamic marketing application the customer can have a realtime experience before buying the product.

Case Studies

Here is a collection of case studies to showcase how our business has utilized virtual reality for engineering applications, safety training applications, marketing applications, educational applications, architectural applications and many more purposes.

Why is it worthy to be present in Virtual Reality

Modular and interchangable componente between layouts and even demos, replicating real-time scenarios, training employees at a cost effective interactive manner, people can learn at their own pace based on their capability.

  • Status of innovator in the sector
  • Self Guided Exploration
  • A wider field of view
  • Obtaining competetive advantage
  • Increasing sales
  • Involving customers in purchase process

Frequently asked questions

If you have the 3d models then it would be a cost and time saving mothod. We can also develope 3D models according to the requirement which would be charged seperately based on the effort involved and thecomplexity of the models.

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